These words write me in their
Abrupt strokes // syllables
In my hands they are bullets // blood
Capture me in your words
Shackle me to their meanings
Kiss me like a karenina
Before the train
// Marbles roll back and forth
My tongue is sweet


Take it

We start our climb again
Like trees snaking our way up
Nights longing
Days pulling double duty
What is it about
This need to see everything
This need to be sure
To draw conclusions from
Straight lines
Let up — the Universe is
Giving you a break
Take it
Take it

Immigration reform

They are the fence at the border of you and me
A volunteer army acting of its own volition
Not subject to my current orders
Living its appointed destiny to a “t”
A militia armed and dangerous plotting
An overthrow of any perceived threat

I have prepared their Purple Hearts
And notes of gratitude for their loyal service
And their honorable discharge packages
Along with the parting gift watches
I wish them a happy and fruitful retirement
As I do the hard work on immigration reform
At the border of you and me