“By day I am a health services researcher, but by night (OK, sometimes by day too) I dabble in writing. If I appear uncommitted, it is because of my fear of failure.”

This is what appeared here originally when I created this blog three years ago. Now I feel like it’s time to say more. I am trained as a physician and an epidemiologist, and I spend my days researching questions related to how we deliver healthcare in this country (in a word — abysmally). I also teach pubic health graduate students about how to evaluate what we call “evidence,” and this is a pretty creative pursuit for me. I have published lots of scholarly papers, presented many abstracts and given keynote talks. I have even written a book on how to read medical literature.

But what I have realized recently is that none of this is enough. I love words, and I love to play with them in ways that are unexpected and unregimented. Poetry provides me with the outlet to play. Marie Howe says that poetry can help us say the unsayable. This is what it’s about — seeing the in-betweenness of everything.

Much of what you see here is exercises. Some poems are more “done” than others, but generally this is fodder for when I may have the time and the desire to go back and revise, refine.

I also like to write prose, particularly flash fiction, also known as short shorts. From time to time they will appear on this site. This one, called “Reflection,” was published by the Gotham Writers Workshop here.

I really love having you visit me here, and I am eager to read your writing. So welcome! How about a cup of tea?