I don’t know

I don’t know if it’s real or If I am hallucinating The Morse code Of the butterfly bush Against my … More


A poem like a fishbone Stuck in my throat Making me bleed

He can see

A man. Alone. In the window. Face lit up by the screen, the lamp, the moon. Close-cropped salt-and-pepper hair, Reading … More

Coffee and a scone

Living out of obligation Naked diseased destitute Angels in chains Begging to be seen Souls clanging in a tin cup … More

The physics of love

Love biology Love chemistry Love physics Love physics? Two spirits collide On a felt green table One propelled by the … More


Word. Meaning chiseled. World distilled to its essence, A drop of ink. Like Universe. Or God. Or Love.

Today I swim

Today I swim Not in the ocean With its thousand shimmering suns Not in a river Leaping across boulders Not … More


On my couch I travel the world One moment with a click of a key I am in Timbuktu Another … More