The first 365

They said it would happen this way.
You are still in the ventricles
And the involutions,
Only deeper now.
I need longer chains of neurons
To reach you
You no longer lurk around
You no longer lurch in front of me in my
You no longer stop me in my
I am no longer startled by your
I am struck by the sweetness of the


Universe in a raindrop

Blank page filled
Shaking head in disapproval
Hissing “tssk tssk”
Waving index finger
“Lazy, apply yourself, write”
I: “look
A raindrop magnifying lens”
Squint and see Universe reflected
Open wider and
It’s a goat
Weeding meditation
Insights and epiphanies
Smell of mint and basil
And lavender
Warm straw on melons
Dirty earthy
Yellow and black under fingernails
Crunching a cuke
Worshipping collection
Evaporation condensation
Of sweat tears words
Essential coreness revealed
Universe in a raindrop