Andrea Gibson — “I Do”

More from Andrea — RIP DOMA!


Ashes to ashes

You smoked me into a bottle and then you
Corked it so tightly that no smoke could escape
And you carried me in your back pocket
When you rubbed the bottle — like a genie
I made you real and your wishes come true
But what you forgot was the ashes
From which I sprang again whole

For the dVerse Poets Pub Disney theme, sort of…


Before we were pretty
Before our teeth and
Politics were perfect
We smoked simply and
Spent too much time in the sun
We scarred one another like children
And sometimes more permanently

Now we are high-definition
Our brains pulsing to the lower-case “i”
Now our data are driven into us
With a colonoscope and
Every movement is subject to
A security simulation


And love is a drug made in India and
The manufacturing of forgiveness
Is just too inefficient at this time
To make commercial sense