Staring into the eyes of God

Tonight I stared into the eyes of God.
They were seven, three men and four women,
Dancing, on a stage made of water,
In the woods, at sunset.
They were two butterflies, a dragonfly,
Three birds, five trees, mountains and dirt.
They were sounds and rhythm,
Waves floating on air.
They were touch on my body,
Breath in my lungs,
Blood in my veins,
Marrow in my bones.
They were molecules of air and
Atoms of carbon and oxygen
Conglomerating together into
The Universe, singing the song
Of creation, breathing life into my mouth,
Splashing color in my eyes,
Plugging in, the electricity of my brain
Flowing across my synapses
To stare into the eyes of God.



Wade through the muck of death
Come out on the other side
Look back at lush greens
Smell rotting foliage
See stars in their heavens
Celestial alchemy mixing with
Mundane earthsuffering
Recycling atoms
Invoking eternity
Producing divine beauty