When she seemed old

I like the foliage when It’s just past its peak When the leaves are more Yellow than crimson When they … More

An ode to probability

Chi square, Student’s t — These are the tools of my trade, The tea leaves of probability. They have brand … More

Ducks have joy

Why do I think that Ducks have joy? Have you ever noticed How they commit themselves To mud? It is … More

Autumnal shrubbery

There is a cardinal. A male cardinal. A dot of bright redness In the nakedness of The autumnal shrubbery, A … More


Tried to pick up Marie Howe, Ended up going home with Mary Oliver. Oh, the curse of abundance!


Yesterday in the sky I saw whales, Fusiform bodies lined up in parallel, A crack of sunlight in between, Looking … More


i got nothing give me something to grasp like a walking stick like a cat’s tail like a razor to leave … More