No free lunch

I am white noise
A pebble ululating
Even misery shuns my company
(As if that were bad)
Yet I cannot find the switch

The dose makes the poison
As our chemistry implies
And so what if there is no free lunch anyway?


Flesh and blood and this

I am down like
Grass under a boulder
Can barely move around
With this chip on my shoulder
Tamping the soil so as not to scald her
I push and I shove
And my neck won’t rubber enough
To see the olive branch in the
Mouth of the dove
To reach the fire
To climb a little higher
To toe and toe and toe the line
To destroy the pyre
I rush for creep talk
Wonder if I can walk
Scratch and scratch
Like a dying peacock
Billow on the dotted line
Stockpile a sixty-nine
Roam all over the earth
And have a good time
I am not a big fan of rhyme
So take me away from time to time
Or I will simply vanish in this primordial slime
Like an amoeba trying to be a paramecium
In a species
Identity crisis
Breaking down analysis
Just choose to see yourself through
The eyes of Isis
Throw off all your elaborate disguises
Be just flesh and blood and this

Unintended abundance

The expression “out of an abundance of caution” has been buzzing around the media in reference to Ebola exposure. Seems like a CYA strategy, just like “unintended consequences.”

Out of an abundance of caution
Not a profound change of heart
First the feeling then
The circumstance
Fragmentary mood swings
Here and there like a pendulum
Rocking me to my winter slumber
Impervious to distant tolls
Shattering my ear drums
With their unintended consequences

The tragedy of a leaf

Being here takes all the effort
Like a caffeine rush
Heart has to pound to pump
My temples with enough cognition
Being here seems urgent and important
They want answers and I run
Carrying them — my albatross —

Not so in the woods where
I sit quietly and
Ask the maple its purpose
All the while wanting to be
A query impossible to answer
Like a fable without a moral
Like a koan without any visible logic
Like the tragedy of a leaf
Falling at my feet on the way
To its own essence