What is my life?
Is it these words that fall
Resignedly on the page
As I drill them out of my
Ancestral misery?
Or is it what happens
After I organize them
Into this garrison
A platoon of meaning
That can so easily
Come to attention?
And what if? Meaning
Comes later after the
Platoon is discovered and
Blown up to smithereens
Of fragmented fonts
And fractured ferocity
And it is a parachute
To graze the peaks of
Visibility and comprehension
And land in the middle
Of a sentence without
A period?
It is the comma and the the
And the spaces around them
And the mountain peaks
That unveil the sun
For me at curtain time
Even as I spit this print
Like broken teeth
And blood



Your child without support
Your rule = withholding
Breaking fences, spirit,
Dining room chairs
All held together by
Stubbornness and glue
For years
— all this potential —
Now crash ki-ne-ti-cal-ly
This is your magnum opus
Stripped to its elements
A mirror of your damnation
Manifest destiny’s childish
Prank embedded in the solid
Cylinders of your memory


When even the moon averts its eyes
It’s hard not to blush
Although it is not strictly a crime
And you are not the perpetrator
Yet the sandalwood fan folds
Stretching blades one against another
The wind whistle blinds you
Slivers embed permanently
In the endothelium
Like shadows of self visible to
The naked eye
But not so upon closer inspection
Apologies drown and sputter
Like a clogged hose
Unable to contain the fire’s
Alarming aliveness
When syllables
Rise against their own
And sink their teeth deep into
The status quo ante
And all is new and
The moon dons its glasses
Just to bear witness


stripped, fractured (hydraulically)
clear-cut, dug-up, cut-off

drilled, extracted, recapped
gushing, searing, emptied

monocultured, polluted, petroled
rolled-back, bandaged, abandoned

barren, resistant, non-renewable
harsh, changing, persistent

indifferent, inconsequential, non-sequitourous
separate, single, whole

random, predictable, systematic
impervious, inevitable, fundamental

regard-less, consistent, marching
end-less, miraculous, sacred