Unintended abundance

The expression “out of an abundance of caution” has been buzzing around the media in reference to Ebola exposure. Seems like a CYA strategy, just like “unintended consequences.”

Out of an abundance of caution
Not a profound change of heart
First the feeling then
The circumstance
Fragmentary mood swings
Here and there like a pendulum
Rocking me to my winter slumber
Impervious to distant tolls
Shattering my ear drums
With their unintended consequences

The tragedy of a leaf

Being here takes all the effort
Like a caffeine rush
Heart has to pound to pump
My temples with enough cognition
Being here seems urgent and important
They want answers and I run
Carrying them — my albatross –

Not so in the woods where
I sit quietly and
Ask the maple its purpose
All the while wanting to be
A query impossible to answer
Like a fable without a moral
Like a koan without any visible logic
Like the tragedy of a leaf
Falling at my feet on the way
To a its own essence