A promising start

Dancing this dance forever
Question, expectation, answer —
Satisfaction, closure, sigh
Each one’s investment in survival

Satellites around this kitchen table
Rarely crossing orbits
Still here in this same conversation
The start was so promising



  1. Beautiful and so refreshing. I love this poem.

    What was the inspiration behind this piece?

    Sorry, If I’ve been absent all this time.
    I was way to involved with the dVerse community.
    Now, I’m taking a long long break from them.
    And focusing now on my friends here wordpress.

    So, I’ll have more time reading everyone’s work and commenting.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Charlie, good to see you. I have been too busy to visit much myself, sorry. The inspiration was a writing prompt in a prose class I am taking, and this poem jumped out.

      1. Cool. Well, its just brilliant that you wrote the poem. I too, have been working on a lot of poems. I’ve been writing 20 poems every day now. I feel like I’m losing it. I don’t know where all my flowing juices are coming from. But I do want to share these poems with the world soon. Next Monday I will be posting my poem and Wednesdays & Fridays. Mind you – its very unusual for me to write 20 poems every day. My mind is diving into a pool of madness. hahaha!!!

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