Each moment a hello
Pregnant with goodbye
But first how are you
Charade of time’s
Singular purpose
Perpetuum mobile
Finally here
But not something with
Operating instructions

Alchemies collide in
Spirit and body
Only one waxing at a time
Braided in a dance of
Blind determination
Two trains leaving the station
Like lovers after a quarrel

How does eternity feel?
A moment for one
Oneself eternal
When infinities compete
For the first place
In a race for meaning



  1. The opening of them poem is a novel in itself, powerful, deep and intimidating at the same time – but it is not like the rest of the poem is lacking; the poem is full of ponderful imagery.

    1. O, so good to see you! I have been busy and neglectful of my friends — apologies. And thank you for your kind comment. Hope you are well.

      1. No need to appologise, your poetic masterpieces are a good enough compensation! 🙂
        Am doing fine, and hope you are doing good as well, and enjoying the season! 🙂

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