Mystery once again

These years are a vice grip
A black hole with dark energy
What does it matter what is to come
When all I can see is your eyes
No longer tearing me to shreds

The light warms the sinews of my grief
Spinning out of this gravitational chokehold
Holy is the one who perseveres
In the ambivalence of one’s nightmares
Crouching in the corner of the unknown

Give me a chalice to warm up
I am a traveler in this desperate glow
Gestating a feeling where none survives
Hungering redeemed in my roughness
Belonging to nothing other than a gift

Deafen me with your silence
I am a tornado burnt out and deep
Rattling the bones of all that is willing
Mastering the elements of this primordial longing
Until all is a mystery once again



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