A reluctant welcome to spring

Rhythmical dripping
Is driving me crazy
Winter is slipping away
On the horizon
All limping and lazy
Spring coming in from the fray

Snow’s getting muddy
And grey as it’s aging
Into eternity aimed
Sun, now higher
In its perch in the sky,
Is reluctantly getting inflamed

Kicking and screaming
To wake from their dreaming
The bears are slow to rise
Their winter slumber
So sweet and so somber
They don’t rush to chase from their eyes

Something appealing
To stare at the ceiling
Of snow as it piles on my roof
As it slides to the ground
The roof’s native brown
Reminds me of time going “poof”

Not only time’s race
But also the space
Where I am no longer concealed
It will not be long
Till spring comes in strong
And I lose winter’s insular feel

So dance all ye humans
Our race can see humor
That winter is eager to share
And spring to your toes
Since that’s how it goes
The invasion of sun is nigh here


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