Dream rap, or A mime with a big mouth

Sunset cuts me in two
I don’t have a clue as to what
I can do that’s new
That hasn’t been done before
Grab the oar and paddle
Until you find your fate on a dime
Bring me a rhyme because there’s no time
When things start turning
And I am lost in a dream snoring
Scoring some average accolades
But not boring you to tears
Buying you beers and hoping
Against hope we can still get near
Enough to jump without falling
(Yes, I am just stalling)
Lucky I am not bawling my eyes out
Strolling through your gut feelings
In my flip-flops
Slapping the ground as I pound
The pavement
With my sound
(Somebody save me!)
The future couldn’t be huger
I don’t want to crash like a luger
On an icy curve and I don’t deserve
To unnerve you with my pleas
Down on my knees
Don’t go please
Just stick it out until
In a crowd you spot the damned mime
Talking out loud and
All is revealed
My fate is sealed on a dime
By a mime with a big mouth

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