Still you try

Being here is like scaling an iceberg: I advance, I slide, and as I slide I cannot believe how far down the iceberg goes.

Down below what meets the eye
I put on cleats to grab on tight
And aim again into the sky
And this time the ice breaks off

Just no matter how I try
Aiming for the open sky
Like a bluebird in July
Yet I still refuse to cry
Grit my teeth and by-and-by
I retain my wish to fly
Just then mem’ry goes awry
Singing one last lullaby
On a full moon in July
When the bluebird took the sky
Finally it makes me cry
Tear streaming from my eye
Memory of silk and sigh
My wet hair upon your thigh
Fleeting so and still so high
That one long-ago July

Icebergs are so hard to scale
And they drop you and prevail
Down you slide until you’re deep
Unbeknownst to your relief
All that you’ve been holding seeps
Into ocean on a reef
And your tears — acid rain —
Haul away some of your pain
And you sparkle in the sun
Just like coral on the run

And there isn’t another “why”
And you’re calm and cool and shy
Yet you’re missing that old thigh
And you hold your head up high
And you try and try and try
Still you try

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