Cleaning the House

They stand sincerely facing us
With eyes of faithful dogs
Who can resist forbearance thus?
Who won’t jump on their log?

They blink and weep and they bemoan
The President’s ill will
That he won’t talk to them alone
That their ideas he’ll kill

They stomp their pretty little feet
And tantrums they do throw
Too bad their mommies didn’t teach
These asshats right from wrong

This isn’t similar to your
Late sandbox escapades
The stakes you throw with such fervor
Are bound to pay back spades

No, not for you or those who’ve paid
To pull your puppet strings
But for the rest of us who’ve made
At honest effort swings

Oh, you, the men who speak of God
Who drag Christ through the mud
You count your dollars from the Kochs
And chew their party cud

Your infant tantrums — they will cost
My country dearly
But do watch out: you’ll get yours
For it is your impending loss
That we will cheer sincerely

I know it’s not Wednesday, but I am finding it hard to keep to the Wednesday rhyme schedule. Besides, Washington is providing me with such ample themes today. So how about a weekly rhyme? This is mine. If you want to join me any time this week, just write a poem that rhymes and leave a link to it in the comments section below. And we can all go around visiting and commenting. Doesn’t that sound like a fun party? 

I will also bring this with me to the Pub later today, once it opens at 3:00 PM Eastern time for its weekly Open Links Night.


  1. Marya, as Slick Willie (Bill Clinton) once said, ‘I feel your pain.’ I live in Tennesse. I’m a left wing liberal who believes in Social Democracy. I don’t talk politics down here, there’s no future in it. But I liked what you said. Who knows maybe I’ll write some verse.>KB

    1. KB, I feel you. I live in one of the most liberal communities in one of the most liberal states, and my blood boils. I cannot do much about the state of our political discourse, but I can at least reflect its lunacy in verse. I hope you do write something about this — enough is enough!

  2. Ah what a great subject to bring into poetry… being a king of innocent bystander (from a country that might be thrown back into depression if these games continue) .. I’m not religious but I cannot understand how they dare to use the bible talking about compassion and sacrifices for the poor to justify this….

  3. ah i feel your heart here… a beautiful rant… ugh.. and it’s tough when politicians act like little kids in a way…we had one over here in germany as well just recently….ugh…

  4. Well, I must say it is quite disheartening to watch the goings on in Washington at the moment. Unfortunately those that are bringing about this stalemate will not be the ones losing their paychecks! I betcha if their pay would be on the line they would settle quicktime.

  5. oh yes…our government is broken…that the govt is shut down and they still get paid…ridiculous….if you cant work it out…if you cant do the job…you dont deserve the job…lets clean house….smiles….

  6. When our Canadian politics gets me down, I look south of our border, and realize that we each have a barn and the poop only has different party flags planted in it. Great write on a tough subject.

    1. Thanks, Nico. I think that even if you disagree with the policies, it is hard not to recognize the juvenile behavior that just doesn’t belong in Congress.

  7. their behavior reminds of the old comic strip, Bloom County, where Opus would run the personals and the editorial page, and some bumpkin would come in and vociferously complain in plain dumbass – and hand him a letter to the editor, saying – it’s all right there. And Opus replies, verbatim.

  8. I don’t know how you could have the discipline to write this poem about the Republican craziness. I just stomp around like Rumpelstiltskin threatening to stomp a hole in the floor! Appreciated this –every drop!

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