Untitled (so far)

When we are closed off from the disaster,
when the doors are shut against pilferage and walkouts,
when smoke can get in without much resistance,
the window is the only friend left,
and gravity doesn’t seem as important as life as breath as cool evening air.

What is the cost of gravity.
What is the cost,
the cost.
Wearing a tie is the price we pay for lesser evil.
Or greater.
Or not at all.
Or rational people are not evil.
It is all in the name of living.
It is all in the name of dead.

It’s not a choice, it’s a betrayal, it’s a.
You have no right.
Or wrong.
Or whether it is to behold or to hear or to feel,
we are one nation under an erroneous assumption.
Who is to blame?
Who is to hold accountable?
I am.


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