Terror ping-pong

We play terror ping-pong in time
Me — having volleyed it for so long
You — keeping it in the air by constant
Evasive maneuvering
We have enough terror for an Olympiad
If we put it together it
Will sink an entire continent
(And I am not talking Australia)
My inheritance is
Ten tons of TNT for every human
Oblivious to the clear and present danger
And diplomacy has very little
To do with it


    1. Sorry, Bjorn ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a child of cold war as well. As a matter of fact, the “10 tons of TNT for every human” is what the US had in its nuclear arsenal the year I was born.

  1. I read this Marya and thought wow, what is this girl on about, the person to whom you are directing your ‘aggression’ is in for a torrid time, some lovely images and metaphors. Well expressed.

  2. really nice dance in your words…terror seems to be the way of life…much different than the cold war for me…i grew up in it…and the reality that what could have happened…the differrence for me is we knew the enemy more…..

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