Fall is a-comin’ to town — a ballad

I try and I try, but I cannot deny
That fall is a-comin’ to town
The days, they grow short, and of their own accord
The drying leaves are falling down.

The summer was fun, and now it is done,
Its legacy all but forgotten.
But know this, my friend: it may be the end,
And I am prepared for the sodding.

Yes, I am prepared for the waning of days,
For darkness to fall on me gently.
For the soaking of rains and the drying of grains,
The harvest is always eventful.

My enduring confession, then, has to be this:
I adore this autumnal procession.
While the summer is bold, and the winter is cold,
Auburn fall has its own possession.

I wrote this for Form for All at the dVerse Poets Pub, where Tony Maud is the Professor of Balladeering Arts tonight.


  1. Lovely, Marya. I really enjoy autumn/fall too; I love the vibrancy of the colours and the real sense of change. Some people find it depressing, but if there were no autumn, we wouldn’t have spring to look forward to … smiles

    1. Right, Tony, that’s how I feel. I think many poets prefer fall to other more exuberant seasons. The great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is rumored to have loved fall the best. The ballad form was hard, but fun, thank you.

  2. Give me the Autumn with crisp,crackling, coloured leaves, the Spring with a touch of the sun and warming breeze. The Summer with cool drinks under the sun, but I detest Winter – for me it is glum. Thank you Marya for your ballad. I did enjoy the read.

  3. I do like your attitude toward autumn. Autumn definitely has its own kind of beauty and blessings to harvest. I must admit I would like autumn MUCH more if winter did not follow soon after.

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