A distancing

I have a big project I have to complete
I regret to inform you, but must
I know that my life will be so less than neat
While my poetry turns into dust

I may seem unresponsive and in some aspects dead
My appearances will be elusive
But whenever I’m able to locate my head
I’ll run toward you and not be reclusive

Oh, you will be still seeing me now and again
I will turn up more oft than invited
But to will of my fate I must now go and bend
Even though I am less than excited

So, don’t miss me too much, all my poetry friends
While I find my way out of this vortex
I’m addicted, so there is absolutely no chance
I’ll get poetry out of my cortex

So, yeah, just what it says above. I know I cannot stay away from writing for too long, so I am sure I’ll be here pretty frequently. I may not be as participatory as usual, though, and may not have the time to visit you all nearly as often as I like, though will do my best to keep up with all the beautiful work that you produce. The good thing is that I am actually excited about the project, just not about what it will do to my time.



  1. Projects will come and go,but poetry will be in your soul forever! Don;t even think you can escape it, it will wait for you patiently, and so will we,the community:D

    1. Thanks so much, O! Work really gets in the way of life sometimes, doesn’t it? But yes, I am counting on being able to continue swimming in this remarkable community.

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