Argument #46

I listen to you with
One ear bud while the other
Is plugged firmly into my own reality
You think your every word is pure
When in my head is a zygote produced of
Your thought mating with mine
You roar, I hiss, and somewhere not too far
There is a bleating
Such an unholy union of course
Results in a wreck of
Mythologic proportions
Which may or may not keep
Rearing its ugly head

This was written in response to Sam Peralta’s prompt at the dVerese Pub for a riddle. I think it’s pretty transparent, so go ahead, take a guess.


  1. smiles….in any conversation we have one ear to them and one to our own…or even sometimes two to our own and just waiting for them to take a breath so we can say what we need you know….ha…and its no wonder it continues to rear its ugly head…

  2. Marya, I should have done this earlier, but I quickly did it now. I put a graphic up so that it wouldn’t just be white in the home page. Take a look, if you don’t like it I’ll take it down or change it. >KB

  3. A beautiful worded way of describing how one can be listening at the same time to two different things and not on the same wave length.

  4. There is a lot of difference between hearing and listening. Listening needs you to pay you attention to every syllable spoken by the speaker.
    Lovely verse… and I loved the choice of your words.

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