Rhyming Wednesday: Rhyme and reason

Today I’m starting with a rhyme
Experimenting just in time
To see how structure and a pause
Perchance advance poetic cause

I’m thinking if I pay attention
To how my mind responds to rhyme
My poetry may gain dimension
(Sure hope I don’t commit a crime)

Let’s take a simple word: “galoshes”
And add to it the sticky “slime”
Can you not hear those sloshes?
(And, naturally, there’s a rhyme)

And what if we had, say, “bandana”?
Could we find something that would fit?
Of course we’d have to say “banana”
And make it yellow. What a hit!

But if there’s something more profound
That I can bring into this mix
That will not spin me round and round
Just searching for a verbal fix

If rhyme can act like fishing tackle
And hook itself into my brain
It may successfully unshackle
My one subconscious refrain

Another way to frame this action
Is as a Rorschach test for me
The nebulousness may give traction
And thereby may set me free

At any rate without ado
I hereby state that I will do
A weekly rhyming poem to
Advance my art. Now, how ’bout you?

So I have been thinking that writing poems that rhyme every once-in-a-while might unlock some interesting thought and word combinations. Anyone with me? Wednesday seems to be a good day to do this. Join me, and leave a link to your poem in the comments below. If there is interest, I might even try to come up with a weekly prompt (imagine that!). Well, have fun.


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