A chameleonic dilemma

Whose voice is speaking in this
Second tongue polished to perfection
With the inflection learned
Through keen field observation?
No one could suspect anything unless
A serendipitous comparison to a
Virtual double in a parallel universe
Laid bare same tricks of the trade and
The circumstantial evidence of inauthenticity
Amounted to the following question:
How is it possible to speak your mother tongue
With an accent and still exist?


  1. I liked it. It reminded me of a time when a friend claimed to have seen me working at a place and I said it was not me.Turns out it was my doppleganger,only she did not know English:)

      1. A silence means a hundred things, so we took words and tried to shape them the same.Sometimes it works,sometimes it does not.
        We all yearn to be defined by something greater, something more then just a boom boom in our chest, something unexplainable,something we have complete control of and are free to give and have it recieved.
        If you ask me who you are or who I am,I think I would succumb to giving you a philosophical answer – you are Everything, for someone and for yourself. As to what would be suitable to define you, I think you deside that – a color, a word, or a mystery, I say, splendid, because it is Yours 🙂

  2. an interesting conundrum…it makes me think of the loss of culture and homogeneous nature of our world….in out mobility i think we have lost much in the way of cultural identity….

  3. this kinda questions everything – all this person says and does – there’s so much in a language and you can only develop it accent-free if you’re really There…

    1. Hmmm, Claudia, that is a really thought-provoking interpretation. Your take is that you CAN speak your second language without and accent and still be you, since you have to be present to actually get there. I like that!

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