Under the Milky Way tonight

To live slowly
Like this
To brush the eager horse or
To weave a bracelet (or
Even to spin your own yarn) or
To build a chair from
Scratch by hand and
To hum while doing so or
To kiss your beloved’s mouth
Under the half-moon
In the garden where the
Flox towers and wafts
While the Milky Way
Looks on

I went with my family to see Shahrazad at the Double Edge Theater tonight — it was magical, and it inspired this thought. Here is a little promo to give you the flavor for the theater, though it in no way replaces the actual experience of following the actors around several outdoor and indoor spaces as they perform. Like I said, it’s magical.


  1. I’ve done most of those things, and you’re right.
    Is your flox my phlox?
    Whichever way you spell it, it is a real wafter 🙂 the epitome of summer.

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