Shouting at the sun

I learned about the Carpe Diem daily haiku from my fellow blogger Bjorn Rudberg whose gorgeous poetry appears here. Check both of the sites out and post a haiku of your own.

Shouting at the sun





  1. Very nice, I think I told you allready I really enjoy the way you mix the pictures and the text, both are always bursting with life and emotion and when emrged together it is just a lovely feeling.

  2. Good day Marya, welcome at Carpe Diem. I am glad that you’ve found your way to CD. And this first contribution to Carpe Diem (CD) is really gorgeous. I like how the haiku and photo are intwined with eachoter. Really a nice post. By the way … I am your host at Carpe Diem. My name is Kristjaan Panneman and I live in The Netherlands. My penname is Chèvrefeuille, which means Honeysuckle. Hope to see you here again. Namaste.

    1. Kristjaan, thank you so much for coming by and for your lovely welcome. I love that your pen name is Honeysuckle — same family as the jasmine in my photo. And thank you also for your web site. I really enjoyed the lectures. I feel like they helped me deepen my understanding of the form. Very nice to meet you.

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