Lupine condition

Just for fun, this is my contribution to the Mindlovemisery’ prompt here.

My grin makes you nervous
My teeth make you shy
My habitus bring you no glee
When I am of service,
Intentions less sly,
You still feel you just want to flee

I mean you no harm
And I want to disarm
Whatev’r apprehension you have
I’m gentle and kind
And please do pay no mind
To your tortoise’s pleas to behave

For I’ve lived many lives
And I find you divine
My intentions are honorably pure
I will show you your world
How its beauty is whorled
I do not mean to scare but assure

All my lives I’ve been shunned
And I’ve tasted a gun
Whose civility was underplayed
True, I feel some remorse
And I won’t mount a horse
That is too high and will not be swayed

In all truth I’m a wolf
And my life has been such
That I do not pretend to be perfect
But believe me my pet
And I ask that you let
Me present you my life and its conflict

For this tortoise is right
And I’d like, if I might
To make you this appalling admission
That inside me you see
Live two wolves who are free
And I suffer from lupine condition

Just remember my child
One is tame one is wild
Each depends on the kindness of strangers
So which one comes around
Is a matter of crowd
And of their perception of dangers

Feed the one that you fear
And the outcome is clear:
You will perish in your own pursy
But if you foster good
In the way that you should
The tame side of me is full of mercy

So the words that your steed
Speaks you really should heed
As the tortoise is right in his wisdom:
For yourself do look out
At the same time bring out
The one prince who’ll respect your own kingdom



  1. This is absolute gorgeous and I love your enthusiasm! The prompt officially goes up tomorrow and the theme is fairy tale =) I am honored that you were inspired by my story. I love what you have done with it in poem form, how you have delved deeper into wolves psyche, love the duality of his nature. Such a charming poem and very entertaining =) Loved it!

  2. ha some cool elements to this…honest too…trying not to be perfect…tasting the gun…nice blend in as well of the one you feed, there is truth in that one…nice pace to this too….

    you write like crazy…ha…read the previous one too the choking on the end credits after the bliss…cool write…

    1. Thanks, Brian, I have been writing a lot while between projects for work. The words just kind of get thrown (up?) out of me 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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