1. I always do get lost in these sky shots you have been blessing me with lately and the words just come like cream on a cake. This makes the loneliness seem pritty, more easier to bear.

  2. what an interesting short verse…puzzling the loneliness…i like how you set them up between the clouds and ‘them’…i do enjoy watching the clouds…but the loneliness is what lingers…

  3. …ah, you just tore me apart with your perfect take Marya… clouds are my faves & no matter how bright is the day when i look at ’em there is still something in ’em that evoke sadness… what a terrific haiku… it is as if you summarized here the whole emotions i felt when i read the poem ‘I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’… excellent… loved it… smiles…

  4. loneliness can be a difficult to solve puzzle…with a bit help by the clouds though…it may work out well…smiles…cool image and verse marya

  5. this is a really good haiku, well, of the new haiku type, I think, as it references the clouds, but also the unsettled feeling of the narrator. actually, you hear that in the traditional Japanese haiku also, the old ones, some wistfulness or other emotion of the author in parallel with the place or season.

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