Barf bag

You do not see what lurks under my skin
Yet you want to catch it in your net
You do not understand the tender sinews of my flesh
Yet you want to rivet them to your vision
You cannot fathom the beauty in this slab of marble
Yet you want to hack it into your own form

There is not enough booze on this planet to
Mute the dental drill of your insistence
All I can do is contract the bellows in my gut
And rock on the waves of my breath to
Inject air between your need and my recoil and to
Dig deeper than you are willing to go to
Uncover what you refuse to experience to
Feel with you and not against you to
Hold myself ready like an airplane barf bag
Just in case your hangover overtakes you and you
Puke at the thought of continuing to swat at your life
And open the door again



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