Andrea Gibson — “I Do”

More from Andrea — RIP DOMA!



    1. I a just floored by her. Natalie of My Word Pool recommended that I check out her poem “Birthday” — well worth it. This is real poetry.

  1. I love Andrea Gibson’s work. Got her books and the CDs (highly recommend those because part of the beauty of these poems in her amazing delivery of them).
    ‘I Do’ was the second poem of hers I ever came across (on You Tube I think or maybe embedded on her website – the first was ‘Blue Blanket’ which simply floored me). This one moves me to tears. Important stuff.
    ‘For Eli’ has a similar effect on me. Her stuff seems able to spark in me almost every emotion under the sun and get something moving inside.
    Thank you for posting this.

    1. Dora, thank you for your comment. I am so happy to have discovered her (I must have been living under a rock until now not to have heard of her). I will take your advice and get her books and CDs — she is definitely about spoken word. I am going to try to go see her when she is back on the East Coast this fall.

      1. Ah wow!! 🙂 I will be a wee bit envious if you get to see her hehe 🙂 That must be fantastic. Hope you have a wonderful time if you do manage to get there (you’ll have to tell us all about it!) Yeah I was really chuffed to find that she had some of her poems on CD. I downloaded the mp3 versions so I have them on my player – great for motivating me and changing my state of mind. I admire her courage in the subjects she addresses and the stunning articulacy (and sometimes humour) with which she does it.
        I’m not sure how widely-known she is over here in the UK. Or any of that slam poetry scene, really. (I have a soft spot for Tara Hardy too.)

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