Ashes to ashes

You smoked me into a bottle and then you
Corked it so tightly that no smoke could escape
And you carried me in your back pocket
When you rubbed the bottle — like a genie
I made you real and your wishes come true
But what you forgot was the ashes
From which I sprang again whole

For the dVerse Poets Pub Disney theme, sort of…


  1. This is so well written. Sometimes people rely on us to make them whole when they fail to see that unless we ourselves are whole and not because of others, we will end up smothering people and all the other codependent stuff that goes along with it.

    I’m glad you’re free now 🙂

  2. nice…rather like the phoenix esqu ending….rising up from the ashes in the after….would not want a life trapped in a bottle only brought out to bring their wishes…you know…smiles. you got the aladin flare there…smiles.

  3. ha interesting that the genie made him real – not the other way round – a shift of perspective..also the hint on the ashes – cool take marya

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