It occurs to me that as a general rule
Words that start with the prefix circum- are
To be avoided in poetry

Circumspection just holds you back
Circumlocution can be quite tedious
Circumnavigating odysseys bore me to tears
Circumstantial rhymes are gratuitous
Circumcision is hardly a subject for a poem and
Circumrotation is just redundant

I will make an exception, however, when
My tongue circumscribes the
Circumference of your ear —
What a deliciously poetic circumstance!

Will be sharing this at the dVerse Poets Pub this afternoon (June 27, 2013) for the anaphora party hosted by Victoria.


  1. What a clever poem. I enjoyed the first stanza, but after reading the second stanza I smiled and laughed out loud at the joyfulness. A delicious circumstance indeed!! (And sweet.)

    1. Thanks, Victoria, but the one I posted today is below this one 🙂 So I won’t need to RE-post, and am already intrigued by what Thursday’s theme will be.

  2. oh, hot dang…ha…i like your exception…smiles…nice and intimate…
    and while i like to forget about circumcision, i am wondering now if perhaps i
    might try to write one for OLN next week for the challenge of it…smiles.
    nicely played….

    1. Thanks, Claudia. I notice myself being circumspect sometimes when I write, and thought this poem might be a nice prompt to myself to stop it.

    1. Thanks so much! I tried to leave a comment on yours, but for some reason was unable to — loved it, by the way! My favorite line was “like the clergyman with no heart to pray” — so dark!

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