Eve’s descent

This is a spoken word piece, and I will record it at some point when I figure out how.

I had madness in me once
I could hear you speak to me
In the voice of a father
Enveloping me in warmth
My legs were perpetually tan and
I hadn’t yet seen the face of my executioner
I felt a part of all and
Of nothing so specific that
It needed a name
The world smelled young and
Frolicking came naturally and
It felt like everything was because of
Your love for me and
There was no me really

And then something happened — I am not
Entirely sure what
But there was a taste of darkness in it
And blindness too
And all of a sudden I was forced to
Keep my head down and
Hide in the sameness
To check boxes next to all of the
Specifications whose
Echoes did not seem real but
Were more real than I could have imagined

And all of a sudden I had to
Pay someone’s debt whom
I didn’t exactly know but
He was so here that I was
Almost inside his body
And also ripping pieces out of it
To keep myself from disappearing or
Becoming something that I wasn’t
Even though I could still remember
What it was like to
Be nothing and everything
All at once

Once I had madness in me

© 2013 by Marya Zilberberg



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