The comfort of the earth

Sometimes it seems to me that
Birds would rather walk than fly
Why this is I cannot say
Though I find their little run
Across the road to get out of
The way of my car quite amusing
Sometimes I actually speed up to
Force them either to run faster
Bobbing their heads back and forth
Or to flap their wings and take off
Into the woods (This makes me feel
More than a little evil)
And all the while I ponder
Why it is that they prefer
The comfort of the earth

Here is to dVerse Poets Pub’s Open Links Night!



    1. A wild turkey. But even the little birds exhibit this behavior, only without as much bobbing. Thanks for stopping by and nice o meet you. You have a lovely web site!

  1. yes, i too wonder….maybe because of the worms they find..or breadcrumbs…isn’t it that we humans too prefer walking to flying sometimes, just because it secures us a regular feed…? see, you got me pondering…sometimes it may need a crazy car driver to make us spread our wings…smiles

  2. ok – trying it again – you had me ponder with this – i think sometimes we prefer to stay safe on the earth as well instead of spreading wings and fly..

  3. perhaps with the power of flight they need to keep themselves grounded a bit…i have always dreamed of flying though, like a bird….cool pondering out of this one…

  4. Excellent thought–it does seem strange, since if I had wings you’d never see me on the ground! Except to eat worms. Very well done!

  5. I would be flying too but maybe they need to rest and get some food ~ I (with my car) have almost crashed into some low flying birds lately ~

  6. I pulled into the gravel pit car park at work just the other day to find a couple of spur-winged plovers having a lie down in the most convenient space. I was in a rush to pick up exam scripts and travel tickets, but they looked so settled that I decided perhaps their need was greater, and so I parked at the far end…I just don’t know how the gravel could be comfy!

  7. …sometimes i wonder the same things my friend… how we most often than not chase & patronize the opposites.. maybe the birds are paying tribute to the earth who will shelter their bones when they are gone…. smiles… excellent piece & insights…

  8. why do i like this poem? because it is true, and not holier than thou in the way mary oliver or even wendell berry can feel. I read this and relate, am not left feeling like i don’t measure up

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