When love left

Love was chased out, purged by
A court order
Along with it
Yellow and orange were banned and
The only blood not punishable by law
Was blue in boys and pink in girls
(In that order)
And in adults it was obligated to be green
And could, if need be, be purchased with
The eponymous currency
On the black market (which was allowed to keep its
Original name due to pragmatic considerations)
Along with these changes, failure and weakness
Left our midst and became opportunities
But only if the currency in your veins was
The right color and
Not yellow or orange or red

I think I saw love the other day
It was alone sitting on a rock just outside the town line
Crying its sunset tears
To no one in particular



  1. dang…fanciful in approach through the first part but deadly serious…control, control….and when weakness becomes an opportunity to the highest bidder, or those whose blood can afford it…ok, i tried focusing on the first stanza cause the last one rocked my face off….seriously wicked writing…nicely done…

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