Back on the train — a Rondelet

Trying my hand at a Rondelet for dVerse’s Form For All. Here goes.

Back on the train
Summer is losing its hold
Back on the train
Bits of warmth it seeks to regain
New England’s too gloomy and cold
On Florida summer is sold
Back on the train



  1. smiles…would be so cool to take a train trip again…we took one in pennsylvania…and lived in florida….the eternal summer…even in winter its like 60s-70s…here, summer is just beginning…nicely done to form…

  2. I’ve been in Florida a couple of times during the month of May, and that was too hot for me – I can barely imagine the heat and stickiness in the full summer months…I prefer the low each his own : )

  3. nice…we don’t have such big weather differences within the country in’s cool to have different climate zones…was in california last november and it was like summer over here..smiles

  4. …summer is sold — is a bit sad line for me… rainy days are def too good in reminding us how we missed summer a lot… back. on the train is such. a sensitive refrain…loved it… smiles…

  5. My daughter and I went to Florida one year on the train. It was fun. Your poem brought home the melancholy of a finished vacation.

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