A walk on water

After you walk on water
You must heed the call of the weedy depths
Or suffer the consequences
The circular reasoning of centripetal force
Does not stand up to scrutiny as
The pulling is always away

All good laws come in threes
But the apple does not fall far
Which makes it possible to walk on water
But only provided that



  1. An exercise perhaps to be attempted by only those light of foot. But it is given to wonder and where there is wonder there is imagination and once there it is to be done.
    It’s a whimsical picture you’ve drawn. I am curious what inspired it?

    I enjoyed the piece.


    1. Jeff, it has occurred to me over many years of reflection that after an intense period of being in public (parties, meetings, etc.), I need to go underground to regain my sanity. So I imagined what it must be like if the expectations are perennially high and public.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am checking out your stuff right now and really liking it!


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