The other 359 degrees

We are newborn kittens,
Eyes glued shut, stumbling, bumping,
Looking for the comfort of mother’s body.

Straight ahead expectations at the expense
Of anything that lies within
The other 359 degrees.

Universe through a key hole,
As if the entire story,
Molds into values.

We are the blind men gathered around
The elephant, each trusting his own truth,
Woefully partial, yet deceptively consistent.

Preachers and scholars alike, Buddha said,
Suffer this failure of imagination.
What do we really know?

Arrogant in ignorance,
Humble in enlightenment,
This truth before any other.



  1. I wish most people I know would have been born kittens. There is a critical shortage of kittens, puppies, or at least well bred panthers and highbrow tigers these days. Instead the world is flooded with hogs, chickens, sheep, hyenas, snakes, cockroaches, rats and geese. Things become even more interesting when you come across geese disguised as owls, sheep disguised as wolves, cockroaches disguised as peacocks or pigs disguised as nightingales.

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